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Let Akruti transform your space. Our skilled painters, sculptors, designers, and architects bring your ideas to life. We've inspired the Middle East and India since 2012. Led by our visionary director, Lijinesh M. T. Shanku, we infuse each project with empathy, creativity, and a passion for excellence

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Step into our portfolio, a curated collection of our finest works, showcasing the breadth of our expertise in captivating designs, transformative solutions, and successful partnerships that have brought countless visions to fruition.

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Akruti Art Circle has an extraordinary talent for turning our dreams into reality with impeccable attention to detail. Their artistic work has left our amusement park and snow park visitors in awe, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We wholeheartedly recommend Akruti Art Circle for their ability to bring our visions to life in the most beautiful way.

Capt T.S Asokan

MD, Fantasy Park & Snow Fantasy

Aakriti Art Circle exemplifies excellence in their artwork and sculpture creations. Their work quality is outstanding, demonstrating a keen eye for detail. They consistently complete projects within agreed-upon timelines, showcasing their commitment to both artistic integrity and punctuality. Aakriti Art Circle is a top choice for quality art and on-time delivery.

Sibin Skaria

Director, Ageless Group.

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